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YSL 763419




【Original leather】🌈Exclusive for high-quality goods🔥Black sheepskin/Antique gold

▪️𝑳𝑬 5 𝐀̀ 7▪️New model, this year’s hot underarm bag Y is late but it’s here‼ ️When I saw it, I thought the name was so special. It was inspired by the niche movie “Cléo from 5 to 7”, which tells the story of how the protagonist Cléo gradually reveals her independent female side between 5 and 7 o’clock after get off work and when she returns home. Looking back at the bag itself, the bag has a simple and three-dimensional outline, which looks stiff but not too sharp. With the brand’s iconic plug-in buckle, the overall look gives people a unique temperament that is both classic and elegant, and very fashionable and modern🧡

Model: 763419【Original leather】

Size: 23x16x6.5cm


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